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We’re Going to SuperZoo 2019!


Modern Dog + Modern Cat is heading to Las Vegas for SuperZoo, this year it is running from Tuesday, August 20 to Thursday, August 22 at Mandalay Bay. We’re so excited to return to the pet retailer’s favourite event and to see all the great pet companies exhibiting and to check out the cool new products they’re bringing to the market. You can see some of our “Must Visit” booths below and Modern Cat (and our sister publication Modern Dog) will be exhibiting this year so make sure to stop by and say hi at booth #4455!





Booth 4455 – Modern Dog + Modern Cat are the best dog and cat magazines in the world! Come visit us at booth #4455 to get complimentary print and digital editions of the magazines, enter to win some awesome prizes and learn more about how Modern Dog and Modern Cat can help you accomplish your business goals!






Booth 3002 – Get to know your pets better! Testing for 300+ intolerances, customers simply mail in a hair sample and receive an accurate list of their pet’s intolerances. Health is happiness. Do you notice your pet struggling with constant scratching, paw biting, hot spots, dry skin, or loose stool? Your pet is trying to tell you something and Affordable Pet Testing can help. We test food and environmental intolerances that may be affecting your pet.






Booth 4029 – Stop by the Armarkat booth to check our their line of cat trees, pet beds, scratchers and playpens! Visit us on Wed. Aug. 21st at 2pm to meet Cat Daddy, Jackson Galaxy, whose “Cat Daddy Approved” logo graces most of Armarkat’s best-in-class cat trees.





Booth 961 – Boxiecat’s award-winning lines include BoxiePro® litter, the first litter to eliminate germs in the litter box, Litter Extender™ to extend the life of litter, and probiotic stain and odor removers. Be sure to take advantage of our SuperZoo show specials: 25% off ISO for new customers including Scoop and Spray™ Litter Extender (New!) and Scoop and Tie™ Litter Bags (New!) (includes item gap ISO) and 10% off BoxiePro and all Stain & Odor for existing customers.









Booth 4020 – Bowsers is renowned worldwide for its unique, functional, trendsetting pet bed designs. Our love of pets and our interior design background has inspired us to create an extensive collection of luxury pet beds, feeders, and accessories. See our latest collection at Superzoo!






Booth 1071 – Providing super premium dog and cat food at an affordable price for over 15 years. Real meat as #1 ingredient and there is no by-product meals, corn, wheat or soy and no artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives. Available in Life Stage & Grain Free recipes and made in the USA. Our Grain Free products are exclusive to Brick & Mortar Specialty Stores and we also have a line of natural dog treats.







Booth 4906 – Crazy K Farm pet products help pets, from cats and dogs to parrots and chickens, thrive and be better family member! Our vision is to help pet owners enrich the lives of their pets, promote healthy and safe interaction, and increase a family’s joy of their pet.




Booth 995 – At Crumps’ Naturals we believe that your family member deserves to eat food that is made with farm-fresh ingredients and created with minimal processing. We are showcasing Gutsy Mash-Digestive Aid, Plaque Buster Display (Includes 12 skus). Show specials: 25% our Plaque Buster stand. Orders over $300 receive 20% off-open stock. Orders under $300 receive 10% off-open stock.







Booth 3003 – Dharma Dog Karma Cat beds and toys are made of 100% natural materials that are healthy for pets and preserve our planet. We fuse comfort, durability and design with environmentally sustainable production and socially conscious business practices.









Booth 4178 – Honest Paws has been a pioneer providing a variety of CBD pet products to animal lovers all around the United States. Offering unique delivery methods that dogs and cats just love, Honest Paws’ line of products has been one of the fastest growing brands in pet retail. Be the hero your pet deserves!





Booth 4908 – At INSTACHEW, we had a realization that there was a lack of presence for innovative pet products in the North American market! We strive towards helping pet owners find innovative ways to care for their pets.


Booth 6161 – Kitty Sift disposable, sifting litter box subscription includes probiotic litter and is conveniently delivered. Say goodbye to scooping, scraping and scrubbing. Lift, sift and reuse or simply dispose. It’s simply better!







Booth 507 – Litter Genie® is the hassle-free cat litter disposal system that helps lock litter and odors away with a unique air-tight design – keeping your home fresh and your cat happy. Join the movement to #StopCatLitterSmell with the product Jackson Galaxy calls “a miracle and a necessity for any cat household.”









Booth 705 – Combining pure CBD with other all-natural ingredients to support health and wellness in your furry friends, Medterra provides high quality CBD you can trust, and your pets will love! Medterra believes CBD should be available to all those in need at an affordable price.





Booth 4021 – NaturVet is proud to share our Hemp Quiet Moments Calming Drops, which are veterinarian formulated for dogs and cats with a unique blend of Thiamine, L-Tryptophan, Chamomile, Ginger, and Hemp Seed Oil to help reduce stress and tension while promoting rest and relaxation.









Booth 949 – Natural & environmentally responsible pet products such as our clumping cat litter made from recycled wood and green tea for excellent odor control. We also offer Pacific 21 dog & cat treats made from 100% wild caught fish no grains or fillers in these treats!





Booth 2455 – Creators of Luxury pet couture and accessories, Oscar Newman is known for their hand-embellished beading and embroidered luxury pet apparel. The company also offers belly bands, blankets,jewelry, and dog mannequins. Oscar Newman’s luxury pet couture is the ultimate fashion house for discerning pets and their owners.





Booth 1955 – We are a proudly Canadian company creating premium-quality pet food recipes. We’re kind of obsessed with pet nutrition and we put pets first. Each of our recipes are created with the same care as if we were preparing a meal for our own families because that’s what our pets are: family. Visit Petcurean’s booth to learn more about their brand-new GO! SOLUTIONS wet food recipes for cats. Plus, if you place an order you can enter to win a $2,000 travel credit!






Booth 2050 – Pet Ki Enterprises manufactures and distributes uniquely designed, premium quality pet products for cats and dogs.Check out our Rompicatz Rustlin Mylar Teasers, which vary in size from short teasers to extendable wands. Enrich playtime with this colorful, crinkly line of cat toys your cat is sure to love!






Booth 1820 – P.L.A.Y. creates eco-friendly and oh-so-chic pet beds, toys and outdoor gear. Stop by our booth to check out our brand-new bedding colorways and fun, interactive Fetching Flock Plush Toy Collection!










Booth 4424 – Our trio of brands is one pet parents have come to love and trust! Pioneer Pet’s mission is to enhance your pets’ quality of life, by providing for their behavioral needs. All of our products are designed by behavior experts, as well as being widely tested and approved before reaching the market. Visit Pioneer Pet, SmartCat, and Sticky Paws for all your feline product needs! 







Booth 1755 – Primal Pet Foods is a leading manufacturer of pet food and treats for dogs and cats. Our products are produced using only the highest quality raw ingredients responsibly sourced from the USA, New Zealand and Europe. We’re excited to share our new Primal Edible Elixirs – whole food supplements for dogs & cats made with functional ingredients. Let us show you how to build a better bowl for your pets!







Booth 1360 – Go ahead, turn the bag around and look at our ingredients! All of our RAW Freeze Dried PureBites® dog & cat treats are made with human grade ingredients. Pets love the taste of our treats because they are 100% pure and rich in nutrients, locking in the aroma, texture and freshness they crave. Pet parents know PureBites® will help keep their pet happy and healthy!





Booth 943 – Snappy Tom produces our own high quality, ‘human-grade’ food for pets. Our slogan, ‘real fish for real cats’ refers to the high quality fish meat included in our recipes, which helps create the perfect taste and texture cats love! We put your pet’s health before our bottom line and the fish included in Snappy Tom products is collected safely and responsibly.






Booth 3015 – Would you wear a cone? Probably not! Sounds are amplified and wounds stay unprotected with traditional cones-of-shame. Do you prefer comfort, freedom and a speedy recovery? Your pet does too. There has to be a better (and more comfortable) solution. Go for the animal-friendly alternatives from Suitical!







Booth 3067 – Suzie’s CBD Treats will return to SuperZoo this year with a lineup of new products including tropicals, peanut butter, and a horse line. Suzie’s is offering 20% ISO for any accounts opened at SuperZoo.






Booth 2735 – It’s not just a tradeshow booth, it’s an adventure! The Creators of ThunderShirt invite you to embark on a Quest for Calm to discover the calming solutions your pets need to conquer a Mountain of Anxiety.








Booth: 2979 – Ultra Pet innovates to meet the needs of pet owners. EcoKitty is made of natural plant fibers and botanicals with small paw-soft texture cats prefer. EcoKitty incorporates natural odor control to keep homes smelling fresh”






Booth 2843 – Safe if licked or ingested? Your primary concern if you’re treating your cat with a topical! From ailments such as feline acne to oral care, come see our newly released product Antimicrobial Facial Therapy for Cats!





Booth 736 – WeatherTech is the manufacturer of the first NSF certified, non-toxic Pet Feeding System on the market.  They are designed and manufactured right here in the USA to the same standards as all WeatherTech products.  They come in a variety of sizes and colors to fit any pet!







Booth 3578 – DuckyWorld is the home of Yeowww! Catnip toys. Made in the USA, Yeowww! Catnip toys are 100% stuffed with our own premium leaf and flower top blend of organically grown catnip.


Whilst SuperZoo is an industry only event, you won’t miss out even if you can’t attend! We will be live posting all the show happenings on our social media platforms so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with the newest trends and best pet products on the market (plus adorable pics of the show’s cat and dog attendees!)

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