Tally your answers to the following questions to assess you cat’s personality type—and the kind of toys and activities best suited to him

When you come in the door, your cat:
A. Is near the door, alert and ready to greet you. He has probably dragged a favourite toy somewhere nearby in the hope that you might indulge him in some hunting playtime.
B. Is paying no attention to you. She might be in sight, but doesn’t seem to care that you’ve arrived. If it’s mealtime, she is loitering by the food dishes.
C. Is rubbing up against your legs in a gleeful frenzy, almost causing you to trip as you attempt to take off your shoes. You know she has been sitting at the door for a good while, and now your black pants are covered in her fur.
D. Is nowhere to be seen. Sometime later that evening you may catch a glimpse of his tail.

Your cat’s idea of a good time is:
A. Having you tease her favourite wand toy out from beneath the corner of the couch so she can pounce on it when it suddenly appears. (Check out our favourite picks for wand toys here)
B. Sleeping on the top of his cat tower in between meals. (This cat would love the pictured Square Paws cat tower or others from Square Paws like the lifeguard chair or clock!)
C. Sitting on your lap having the cuddle sesh of a lifetime. We’re talking the GOOD chin scritches and hearty purrs.
D. Unwinding with some “me time” under the bed.

When you’re watching TV your cat is:
A. Lightly pawing at your face, hoping you will notice that his toy hasn’t moved in a few minutes.
B. On the other end of the couch sitting like this, dismayed about the lack of snacks:
C. Purring up a storm while sitting on your chest.
D. Peeking her head around the corner and deciding whether or not to grace you with her presence.

It’s dinner time! Your cat is:
A. Enthusiastically gobbling up every bit of sustenance. Like all great athletes, she fuels like a pro.
B. Sauntering over to the dishes and then enjoying a hearty portion of his favourites.
C. Taking the briefest pause from hanging out with you to grab a quick bite.
D. Waiting for you to leave the dining area, ready to scamper in and eat some food while monitoring the room for danger.

You’re fast asleep. Mr./Ms. Whiskers is:
A. Tearing through your home causing a ruckus and knocking over a lamp. You may wake up to find he’s delivered presents to you in the form of his best toys in your bed.
B. Sleeping at the foot of your bed, dreaming of breakfast.
C. Wrapped around your head, purring, of course.
D. Sitting on your chest, creepily staring at you. This is her favourite time to bond with you.


The Verdict

Mostly “A’s” • The Play Monster
This energetic and excitable sort is ALWAYS ready to hunt, chase, and play. Stock up on a wide range of toys and activities like wand toys, catnip toys, puzzle toys, mice toys… The way to this cat’s heart is through active play with you. Try teaching her tricks like fetching or catching—her intelligence makes her a great candidate for advanced play!

Mostly “B’s”• The Aloof Lazybones
It takes a lot to get this cat moving. He doesn’t really need your attention but would love a comfy bed—P.L.A.Y makes awesome ones—and three square meals a day, supplemented with treats, of course. (Our cats seriously love the Kittles Crunchy cat treats from WellPet.) This cat is the ultimate homebody; because he is food-motivated, treat balls are one way to get him off the cat bed. This cat doesn’t necessarily wear his heart on his sleeve, but he loves you all the same.

Mostly “C’s” • The Lovebug
This purr-machine is your constant companion. Wherever you go, she is there. Give this girl lots and lots of pets and loves, and she’ll give them right back to you. In your absence, anything that reminds her of you is aces. The Snuggle Kitty can be a great comfort for your cat when you’re not around. It’s warmth and simulated heartbeat are calming and comforting. And the very cool PetCam Pro from Pet-Peeps lets you check in and interact with your cat  via your smartphone or tablet.

Mostly “D’s” • The Shy Guy/Gal
Sightings of this cat are rare but electrifying. He is nervous in new situations (and often old situations too). A comfy hiding spot like that provided by a Cat Ball bed or an elevated den is essential for this guy’s peace of mind. Solo play toys like the Jackson Galaxy Gravity tower that features a wobbling movement, dangling toys, feathers and rope or Petlinks System’s alluring Rowdy Rooster Kicker Hyper Nip Catnip Toy stuffed with silver vine and catnip are great for stimulating these independent cats. Or a wand toy with a long wand and string—like the intriguing wands from Nekochan—helps you build a bond together but from a safe distance. Above all, this cat needs space and your patience until he feels confident enough to interact with you outside of when you’re asleep.

A Mix of Letters: The Renaissance Cat
This well-rounded cat is easy going and loving. She’s not picky about her environment, but needs all the essentials: a great perch, tasty food and treats, and a wide variety of toys and stimulating activities. When we meet one of these Renaissance Cats, we’ll let you know.