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What You Need To Ask When You Hire a Pet Sitter!

Have you ever considered using a pet sitter? What do you ask to make sure your fur baby is well taken care of?

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I had an emergency visit with panicked cat parents. They had just returned from a three-week vacation and could not find their cat.  After a frantic search, they finally located her, comatose in the attic.  She had followed them up there when they had gone to retrieve their suitcases and they did not realize it when they shut the door behind them.  She had been locked in there for 3 weeks with no food or known water.  They had done everything right! The cat’s parents hired a house sitter to stay at the house to look after the animals.  The pet sitter just assumed the cat was hiding and scared when she did not eat or use the litter box….for three weeks.  Miraculously, we were able to save her and this family made a huge impact on me forever.

Traveling is a part of life for many of us whether it be for business or pleasure. Your cat will prefer to stay at home with a pet sitter and not go to a boarding facility.  Some pet sitters will stay at your house while you are away. Others will make a visit once or twice a day.

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To be extra careful, let your veterinarian know that you will be traveling and leave information for where they can reach you.  You can even leave a letter with your veterinarian about how to proceed with care, in the event that you are unreachable.

To make sure that there is no miscommunication, and to be aware if there is a problem right away, have your pet sitter send you daily updates with this checklist. You can enjoy your getaway when you know your cat is in good hands.


I saw the cat today.  Yes/No


I played with the cat for _____ minutes.


The cat is acting normally. Yes/No
If no, please explain.


The cat is eating normally. Yes/No
If no, please explain.


The cat is drinking normally. Yes/No
If no, please explain.


There was urine in the litter box. Yes/No


There was feces in the litter box. Yes/No


Was there urine or feces outside of the litter box? Yes/No

(If yes.)  It was located ________________.


The cat vomited. Yes/No  If yes, please explain.


Our veterinarian’s number is ____________________

Our veterinarian’s address is ___________________________________________

Our emergency/after hours veterinarian is ____________________________


If there is an emergency and we can not be reached, you are authorized to (eg. spend up to $500, spend any amount necessary to provide care, euthanize etc)


Wags and Purrs,
Dr. Liz Bales

Best Cat VetThe University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine graduate, Dr. Liz Bales, has only ever wanted to be a veterinarian. She has such a passion for her job, that she says if she weren’t a vet, she would be studying to become one. She loves “helping pets and the people who love them be happy and healthy!  Helping people translate complicated medical information into practical tips on how to care for, and connect with their pets is the best part of her job” Not just a veterinarian, Dr. Bales shares her passion through writing, giving speeches, and appearing on shows such as Fox and Friends, ABC News, and Cheddar. She has even started her own company, Doc and Phoebe, and invented a revolutionary cat product—the Indoor Hunting Feeder.

Dr. Bales’ favorite quote reflects her love and compassion for animals: “When a human dies there is a bridge they must cross to enter into Heaven. At the head of the bridge waits every animal that human encountered during their lifetime. The animals, based on what they know of this person, decide which humans may cross the bridge…and which are turned away.” With this in mind, Dr. Bales tries to live every day by her grandfather’s advice: “These days are precious. Don’t waste them.”

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