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Which Litter is Right for Your Cat?

Choosing a litter you and your cat like ensures a clean box your cat actually uses. We help you choose the litter that’s right for you and your cat.

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Choosing a litter you and your cat like ensures a clean box your cat actually uses. We help you choose the litter that’s right for you and your cat.

Choose a dry, bacteria-inhibiting litter that stays in the litter box
If changing the litter box is one of your worst chores, Snappy Tom litter crystals can make your housecleaning more enjoyable. Either non-scented or lavender, the crystals inhibit bacteria and leave litter dry. As well, Snappy Tom’s litter is non-tracking, lightweight, and environmentally safe. A perfect choice for cats sensitive to dust and dirt. Change the litter less and you’ll have more playtime!


Go fragrance free with a lightweight, dust-eliminating litter
Get your feline on the grass with SmartCat litter. SmartCat All Natural Litter is made from 100% USA, non-GMO farmed grasses, with no added chemicals or fragrances that some cats don’t like. It’s half the weight of most traditional litters and wait, it gets better: being almost dust-free, the chance of litter-related respiratory issues is greatly reduced.


Make litter fun with this dust-free pretty neon litter that excels at odour control
Brighten the kitty box with fun neon colours! Made of high-quality silica gel, these neon crystals have the same texture as sand and because most felines are polite, they happily cover their “business” in vibrant pink, orange, blue, green or purple litter with amazing odour control.


Keep the litter in the box instead of tracked all over the floor) with this fresh-smelling option that’s focused on odour elimination
Made with a special blend of larger particles, Fresh Step, Clean Paws litter is designed to stick less to your cat’s fur so it stays inside the box rather than on your cat’s fur and your floor. Clay-based, low dust, and clumping, it eliminates odour from urine, feces, and bacteria via smell-absorbing activated charcoal and fragrance that’s released when your cat uses the box. The power of Febreze option offers increased odour protection for multi-cat households.


Choose an absorbent and odour-eliminating corn-based litter that helps shelter cats
Whole kernel corn is the main ingredient in World’s Best Cat Litter. Compressed into concentrated granules, it traps odours and forms tight clumps on contact with liquids. And corn is sustainable so you can feel good about your choice. Plus, get that warm, fuzzy feeling with each purchase of this lightweight, flushable, and near dust-free litter—you’ll help support GiveLitter that donates litter to hardworking shelters in the U.S. Since its launch in 2010, over 662,000 pounds of litter have been donated.


Forget cleaning the plastic litter box altogether!
Kitty Poo Club offers an ingenious service. Join the club and say goodbye and good riddance to cleaning a plastic litter box: every month you’ll receive a cardboard box filled with high-performance silica-gel (mineral-based and odour-free) litter that you can’t buy anywhere else. Delivery is free via FedEx shipping. No fuss, no muss.


Love your cat and the earth with an environmentally friendly, high-performance wood-based litter
Your cat will think she’s going in the great outdoors with ökocat. Starting with naturally fallen timber or unused lumber that’s chipped along with plant-based materials to form soft ground pellets, this litter comes full circle: it’s made with 100% sustainable products from the earth and can be returned to the earth rather than a landfill. Fast and firm clumping, it’s lightweight, biodegradable, flushable, and super absorbent for exemplary odour control.



If your cat is eliminating outside of the box, go to to read “Litter Box Problems: Getting to The Bottom of Why Your Cat is Eliminating Outside of the Box.”

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