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Your Cat will Love Oven-Baked Tradition

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Not a lot of people know about Oven-Baked Tradition products but actually they should! These products are quite different from what is currently found in the market. Oven-Baked Tradition products are made exactly the way you would prepare them at home. Using fresh deboned chicken, lamb or fish added to healthful fruits & vegetables, nothing can beat their taste. When selecting a diet for your cat or dog it’s important to think about the quality of the ingredients that are used. You have to look for high quality ingredients that are easy to assimilate and digest.

That holistic philosophy is important to Oven-Baked Tradition  so they make their food as you would, with natural ingredients. It’s as simple as making it the way Mother Nature intended it to be for your loved ones. Another special feature is that Oven-Baked Tradition products are slowly oven cooked. They are not manufactured with an extrusion cooking process like most of the other pet foods on the market. This unique process of oven baking brings out the aromas and flavors while making digestion of the ingredients easier while preserving essential proteins and vitamins. Oven baking makes it possible to add more fresh meat to every single bite. This is another reason why cats and dogs love the taste of Oven-Baked Tradition food so much! Oven-Baked Tradition food is also denser than those of its competitors’ products – so it takes less food to nourish and satisfy your dog compared to most other pet foods. This family owned & operated company is made to be discovered by all. For more details about Oven-Baked Tradition products, visit   


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