Got a star athlete at home? Of course you do! They just need the right tools to get them motivated, fuelled, hydrated, and replenished after a long day of training. With these medal-worthy products your cat is all set to go for Gold!



For a pre-workout boost feed your cat this protein packed cat food. Nutrish‘s number one ingredient is always real chicken or fish, plus it’s loaded with fresh veggies, vitamins, and minerals!



Power up with Primal Pet Raw cat food. This protein-rich, nutrient-dense food is lip-smacking good and sure to keep kitty going for hours.

Primal Pet Food

Packing in the calories is important, but Kitty also needs a lot of water if she’s going to run across that finish line. Oster Fresh Sips’ continuous flow offers your cat a fresh supply whenever she needs it!

Oster Pet


Whether your cat is working on her abs, gymnastic routine or downward dog (!), this Feline Yogi Mat offers the perfect soft spot to train.

Feline Yogi

If awareness and reflexes are part of your cat’s training regime then the Catty Whack Interactive Toy is your ticket to success. Its feather bolts randomly in and out, surprising your cat at every turn, and forces her to pay extremely close attention!


High jump, long jump, or hurdles? Get your cat ready to jump for gold with an enticing wand toy from Nekoflies. She’ll practically be flying.




Getting your cat to do what you ask requires incentive. What better way than some organic catnip from Goodnip? Just be careful that you don’t cause a doping scandal!


Variety is the spice of life, and for cats that spice is catnip (okay, we realize we’re playing fast and loose with the term spice). With a little help from Colorado Kitty Kush your cat will be spiking volleyballs, landing flips, and maybe even giving Usain Bolt a run for his money.


Every healthy athlete needs to eat her greens! Pet Grass is full of the vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that your little star athlete needs.

Pet Grass


After a long day of training or a tough race your cat will need some time to recover. Suitical’s Recovery Suit will help your cat heal from any sport-related injuries without donning the cone of shame.


Above all else your cat needs a good sleep—in fact, she’ll demand one. This lush and cozy bed from Bowsers will induce the kind of sleep that dreams are made of—er, during.



A long athletic life can take a toll. Ensure your little Olympian attends many more by keeping her joints healthy with Cosequin’s Joint Formula.


Armed with these all-star products, your cat will be topping the podium in no time!