Abby Lauscher

Tuxedo Cat

Meet Abby Lauscher

Abby came with the package when I married my husband Jay. His daughter had brought this runt of the litter farm cat home to her parents when Jay’s first wife was dying from cancer. Abby was a comfort to Carol in her final days and to Jay as he later battled his own cancer while grieving the loss of his wife. Even though she has spent her life serving others, Abby remains a simple and modest gal. But she would love to be a cover “gal” and be a role model to other farm cat runts. VOTE FOR ABBY!

Facts About Me
  • Age 6 years old
  • Nicknames Miss Kitty; Bud
  • Dislikes Loud noises
  • Foods Salmon treats, dry cat food, catnip
  • Pastimes Performing tricks: sit, shake, high five, roll over, fetch, jump through hoop, etc…
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