domestic short hair

Meet Bella

Bella is a beautiful tuxedo cat, she loves to fetch mice back to us in order for us to throw it and she will bring it back.  She has a toy basket and every now and then she will put her toys back into the basket.  Bella loves to eat especially her snacks, she loves many different flavors.  She is 3 years old and she is the only cat and she is an indoor cat.   Bella loves to sleep on many different beds at home, she loves to sun bathe and sleep on the bed with her m

Facts About Me
  • Age 3
  • Nicknames Baby girl, girly, girl, sweetheart, mamma's girl, daddy's girl
  • Dislikes water, getting her nails clipped
  • Foods Fancy Feast "Chicken Feast"
  • Pastimes sleep and chasing her toy mice and ball and string
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