Domestic Shorthair

Meet Bitty

Bitty Kitty is a handsome gentleman who lives at the pet hospital where I work He was brought in by a good samaritan as a tiny kitten with severe injuries. We didn't even know if he would live or be able to walk. After bottle feeding and a lot of TLC he is now 3 years old! He runs, plays and greets patients and clients all day long with his friendly little face and effervescent personality. He is loved by all who know him and has brought joy to many lives.

Facts About Me
  • Age 3
  • Nicknames Bitty Kitty Soft Paws, B.K. , Mr. B, Bit Kit
  • Dislikes Baths, nail trims, zomibes
  • Foods Cheese, Chicken, Crackers, Apples
  • Pastimes Birdwatching, Naps in the sun, Greeting clients and patients
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