Boo Boo Bear Goldsmith (Vote for me)


Meet Boo Boo Bear Goldsmith (Vote for me)

At the time he was adopted about 6 months ago, Boo Boo Bear had been shaved down to his skin & looked like a skinny, grey grinch. Now that his coat is growing in & he's gained some weight, he looks like the cat he was meant to be, & revealed himself as a beautiful Blue Point Himalayan. He is learning to snuggle & cuddle & has melted my heart with his tiny "meow" & his lovely purr. He is the last member of my Furry Feline Four.

Facts About Me
  • Age Almost 5 years old (DOB November 15/17)
  • Nicknames Boo Boo, Boobaleh
  • Dislikes Being picked up (but getting used to it)
  • Foods Temptations treats, Hill's k/d (???)
  • Pastimes Lazing on the bed, eating - especially the other cats' food, watching back yard TV
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