Domestic Longhair

Meet Brody

Brody is a Domestic Longhair tabby cat. He has big white socks on his back feet and a fluffy mane that gets huge in the winter!  I took him on as a 6 month old kitten while I was working in practice as a Vet Nurse.  He is a very affectionate, sweet boy and loves snuggles, especially in the early hours of the morning when he'll wake you up with his loud purring! 

Facts About Me
  • Age 3
  • Nicknames Brodes, Dody, Handsome Boy, Little Muffin.
  • Dislikes Having his claws clipped, flea and worm treatment!
  • Foods Fish, chicken, dreamies and temptations treats.
  • Pastimes Sleeping in the bush at the end of the garden, watching you load/unload the washing machine and then climbing inside, chasing lights/reflections on the wall, playing with string or any toys with feathers on!
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