Brown Tabby

Meet Buddy

My tag name is ThunderJam (T.J) but I prefer Buddy, so please just call me Buddy. When I lay on my back it means I want you to come down to me and rub my belly I love sun bathing when the sun is in the right spot I love talking with my humans, they always know what I want (well most of the time) When it's quiet in the night, when I eat . . . I eat very loudly

Facts About Me
  • Age 12
  • Nicknames Bud, Baby Boy, Baby, The boy with the tail,
  • Dislikes Other cats/critters, being picked up but I have no control over that, having to come inside from the porch or from my walk
  • Foods All Natural Purina Cat food, All Natural Treats Flavors: Salmon, Catfish, Seafood medly + more!, turkey
  • Pastimes Playing with my hoops I actully misplace them under the couch and the basement untill my humans found it for me!
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