Buddy Love

Russian Blue

Meet Buddy Love

Buddy Love will be 19 this Dec. (he is 15 in this photo).  He has been with me for 14 years, showing up full of bird shot after an unfortunate incident with his previous owner.  He knew I would be his new Mommy before I did :)  My husband of 30 yrs. had just passed away, so Buddy was my comfort and true friend from the start. He is beginning to slow down and though he has a clean bill of health, he has become my "boney boy".  By my side 24/7.   

Facts About Me
  • Age 18 1/2
  • Nicknames Spud, Boney Boy, Cat-Man-Do, Mr. Man
  • Dislikes Dogs, belly rubs
  • Foods boiled chicken, tuna,
  • Pastimes Sleeping, going for walks, chasing chipmunks
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