Orange Tabby

Meet Buggie

When we first got Buggie as a kitten, we thought that we had mistakenly picked up a puppy instead--he's so vocal! He likes to chat with us ALL THE TIME! He's a big guy who loves his little sister, Meeko, so much. He loves his cat treats, too--he'll chew right through a bag to get to them--and if you even mention the word 'tuna' he'll start meowing for joy! We love our "little bug" and his zest for life and family! We know he'd make a great StarCat!

Facts About Me
  • Age Almost 2!
  • Nicknames EddyBug, Buglet, Buggles
  • Dislikes Long cuddles, baths, being alone.
  • Foods Any! He loves anything that comes from a can.
  • Pastimes Wrestling and then snuggling with his sister Meeko, climbing his cat tower, and watching the birds outside!
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