The Tabby Cat

Meet Busta

Busta is such a funny and loveable cat which people have said he has a lot of personality. We fostered cats to give them a nice home but when we were fostering Busta we instantly fell in love with him. Sadly he was abandoned and living on someones doorstep for a while until we rescued him and gave him a loving home and family.

Facts About Me
  • Age 11
  • Nicknames Buzzie and BuBu
  • Dislikes Busta dislikes going to the vet as he hates the cage and the journey in the car. He also dislikes loud noises such as plastic bags and the cutlery draw.
  • Foods Dreamies
  • Pastimes We have so many memories of Busta but one of our favorites is when your ill and Busta dedicates his day to you. He will sit by you purring for hours, if your cold he comes onto your belly and wraps his warm body around you , then he will look up at you with his beautiful beady eyes and spreads happiness. He\'s such a loveable and caring cat, its impossible for someone not to fall in love with Busta.
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