American Shorthair

Meet Butter

Butter Baby, he's our largest longest biggest feline, also the most timid, fearful, shy cat I have ever had. (I have had many) He sleeps in the most adorable ways, he ''WHINES'' in his sleep! As he stretches out, rolls over, it really is hilarous.  He follows me like a dog, never do I dare shut a door, he's ''meow'' is a big as he when he's alone is echos through the house like a lion. He is my sons buddie, who said BOYS need a dog!

Facts About Me
  • Age 8
  • Nicknames Big Fella, Big Baby, Momma's Boy
  • Dislikes New Peolpe, Noises, Most all People Food, Getting Brushed
  • Foods Loves his soft food from my hubby who make them ''sing for their supper''
  • Pastimes Follows me more like a dog, Watching the Beautiful Countryside From the Windows, Chacing his tail
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