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Meet Buttons

He\'s a big, sweet love bug. He follows me from room to room like a dog, but he\'s not a lap cat. He wants to be next to you, not on you. He\'s shy with strangers, but once he knows you, He\'s constantly rubbing against you and pawing you for pets. Give up on any idea of eating any meal unmolested. He\'s long and lean and fast. He can get to you, grab your food and be gone while you\'re still wondering what that black blur was. He\'s goodnatured when you go and retrieve your stolen food.

Facts About Me
  • Age 2.5 years
  • Nicknames Love Muffin, Cuddlebug
  • Dislikes Closed doors keeping him out out of any room, visit, cupboard, etc.
  • Foods Canned seafood dinners, cheese
  • Pastimes Cuddling, racing up & down stairs
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