Cat Von D

American Shorthair/Unknown

Meet Cat Von D

This is my sweet baby, Cat Von D. I rescued her from my friend's backyard when she was a little kitten, and I've had her ever since. She loves to cuddle, but my boyfriend is I sneak catnaps with her in bed when he isn't around. I know, horrible, but I can't help it! I took this during one of our secret naps. I thought it was just the cutest picture of her.   Fun Fact: Cat Von D also has a Facebook page.

Facts About Me
  • Age About 5 or 6
  • Nicknames Cat, Kitty
  • Dislikes Not being the center of attention
  • Foods Tuna, chicken, Blue Wilderness grain free kibbles, all kinds of kitty treats
  • Pastimes Naps, playing with hair ties, cuddling, snacking
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