Meet Dean

Dean is a 11-month-old calico from a litter of four. He lives with one of his sisters, Sam, in the home of his mother's owner's younger sisters.He has always been a big boy, and loves to eat. He's such a sweetie, always purring and snuggles up with me at night. Dean is also very intelligent. He taught himself to play fetch and had developed a very specific routine. Dean is fat and lazy and I love him to pieces.

Facts About Me
  • Age 11 months
  • Nicknames Deano, My Darling Little Fat*ss, My Obese Little Sugarplum
  • Dislikes Water, a stinky litterbox, the outdoors, being alone
  • Foods Friskies Meaty Bits, Frosted Flakes, cardboard, sweet grass
  • Pastimes Sleeping, playing in my room, looking out the window, eating, being carried
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