Diva (vote for me) Goldsmith

Himalayan Cross

Meet Diva (vote for me) Goldsmith

Diva arrived in my home 4 months ago as a rescue foster cat. She quickly won my heart despite many health issues, & I adopted her. She is a feisty, funny, quirky little cat, who has blossomed now that she has found a furrever home with my other 2 Persian cats.

Facts About Me
  • Age estimated between 13 - 15 years old
  • Nicknames Diva Dolly, funny face
  • Dislikes Having her eyes wiped & her ears cleaned
  • Foods Anything in Bart\'s plate that she shouldn\'t have, Temptations Hairball Prevention treats
  • Pastimes Eating, snoozing & cuddling with Bart (my black Persian)
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