Domestic medium haired

Meet Dizzy

We adopted Dizzy from the RSPCA over a year and a half ago. He was ever so timmid at first, but when he got to know us, he loved playing! He wouldn\'t come anywhere near me at first but a year later, he loves his cuddles and will knead my belly and legs when he comes in from playing outside.

Facts About Me
  • Age Approx 6 years
  • Nicknames Dizzy
  • Dislikes Tummy being rubbed, back being stroked, cars, other people, loud noises and the smell of lemon.
  • Foods Felix Meaty Jelly
  • Pastimes Catching birds and mice :(, chasing his balls when we throw them for him, running up and down the stairs, watching bird and squirrel video\'s on youtube, running around the house and jumping up in the air, running and headbutting his cardboard box and sleeping in his cardboard box.
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