Meet Dorothy

Dorothy and her brother, Beasley were born under a neighbors house, just after Thanksgiving. They were taken in with there mom and kept warm and safe until they were old enough to leave mom. She has a wonderful life and enjoys everything. She is always on high alert and never wants to miss a thing. When she yawns, she tries to keep her eyes open to not miss a thing. She loves making biscuits on a big soft leopard pillow or making them on me. She loves watching the wildlife outside.

Facts About Me
  • Age 3
  • Nicknames Little Miss, Dottie, Biscuits, Little Miss Biscuits
  • Dislikes Vacuum and loud noises.
  • Foods Temptations Kitty Treats and Wellness Kitty Meat
  • Pastimes Making biscuits and snuggling with her older brother, Pumpkin.
Cats Like Me
Favorite Food: Ice Cream Loves: Sleeping,... More
My cat is very unpredictable like... More
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