Tuxedo Cat

Meet Frida

Hi. just to clear the air, I was first named Diego after Diego Rivera, the famous Mexican muralist painter. My original owners couldn't determine my sex. Regardless, I got adopted after 8 weeks of living with my 5 other siblings. We were separated at birth but luckily for me, I landed in the right home where it was determined that I was a lady! Hence Frida Katlo, wife of Diego Rivera! I am black and white, my two favorite colors. Want to see me smile? Vote for Frida, Vote for ME!

Facts About Me
  • Age 7 human years
  • Nicknames Ms. Katlo, Frida, Diego, Ms. Rivera
  • Dislikes Being left outside in the backyard by mistake when it's pretty darn cold outside. It's happened twice and I'm beginning to sense a dementia issue with my caregivers
  • Foods Tuna Pate
  • Pastimes Chasing House Ghosts
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