General Tao

Siamese/ X

Meet General Tao

Here is General Tao, king of his home and master of all the cats in this house(well he thinks he is) ! He also thinks he is my master. I belong to him i guess!! Born from a siamise mother , i saved him from a trailer park! Full of flees and realy scared i took him into my life to care for him and he is the best cat i ever had. Tao have healt problems and i take good care of him and he takes good care of me too! He dislike most ppl so when we cuddle, i know i m a lucky one!

Facts About Me
  • Age 5 y.o.
  • Nicknames petit chat panda
  • Dislikes being pet on the butt in front of other cats , he HATES that ,it s like i insult him
  • Foods dry food, nothing else...not even steak or fish!! witch is wierd for a cat!!
  • Pastimes watching the waterdrops in the bathtub
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