American Bobtail

Meet George

George loves to do his yoga pose,will stay that way for a very long time. He is one of 4 boys in a litter , his Mother and Father both have no tails and his 3 Brothers also have no tails but George is unique and has a full lenght tail. All 3 Brothers think it makes a great toy,George is my 14 year old sons cat and very unique on his own.He also loves to eat salad,green beans and spaghetti.

Facts About Me
  • Age 4 years
  • Nicknames Jorge Gato
  • Dislikes Getting wet,loud noises and getting left in the bathroom with the door shut
  • Foods Cesar salad,Tuna Chicken spaghetti and steak.
  • Pastimes Sleeping, playing ball and yoga.
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  • How adorable!
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