Gilley and Geordi

Gilley-Exotic Shorthair; Geordi- unsure of mix

Meet Gilley and Geordi

Geordi was a rescue we'd had for a month before bringing Gilley home.  Within an hour they were inseparable and have been best buddies (and partners in crime) ever since.

Facts About Me
  • Age Gilley-about 7 mo. Geordi-about 9 mo.
  • Nicknames Gilley- Silly Gilley,Gilldebrand; Geordi- Geordi Boy, A #1, SmorgasGeord (he loves to eat)
  • Dislikes Gilley-eye drops. Being told to get down. Geordi- Treats??? Being shut out of where I am.
  • Foods Wellness Core Grain free kitten (with their fishy L-lysine paste mixed in)
  • Pastimes Playing on new cat tree. Chasing each other through house. Playing in empty bathtub.
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