Royal Bengal Cat

Meet Ginger

Our Ginger is a hyper active, bird watching kitten who runs faster than the speed of light. She is 9 months old and we hand raised her since she first opened her eyes. Her cat Mum was killed by a boy in our neighborhood and since then, I'm her non-furry Mumma. She's our baby girl and we love snuggling with her- when she allows us to, that is!

Facts About Me
  • Age 9 Months
  • Nicknames Mamai, Princess Mamtuputai of Ghaptiland, Biu Biu, Mau Mau, Mamma
  • Dislikes Too much touching and kissing and lifting
  • Foods Whiskas Dry Kitten Food and our bits of our breakfast brown bread toast
  • Pastimes Climbing window ledges, tables and pretty much anything high!
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