Meet Gizmo

Gizmo is indeed a lazy cat, yet he provides the perfect amount of entertainment daily. He takes naps all day and he wakes up when it's feasting time. Gizmo also has a sneaky side, at night if you ever leave the door open he jets out and goes to the neighborhood cat parties. Offering him earwax and friskies is a way to get a spot in his heart. He loves taking naps with owners. Gizmo has never been hostile towards anything, including mice! Such a kind hearted cat. No one has ever not loved him. :)

Facts About Me
  • Age 10
  • Nicknames Gizmutt, Gizard, Giz, Gizzy
  • Dislikes vegetables, loud noises, water, barking, feet ticklings
  • Foods marshmallows, doritos, chickenmarshmallows, doritos, chicken, milk, pepperoni, cucumbers, friskies, dog food, earwax, cat food
  • Pastimes string chasing, watching tv/movies, naps
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