Siamese mix

Meet Gucci

Gucci is an albino siamese kitten. He has extremely pale blue eyes to the point where you can see the veins in them. He’s extremely sensitive to bright lights, but that doesn’t stop him from looking out the window on a sunny day. He’s very chatty and can out-meow anybody. He’s extremely friendly and loves to meet new people as long as they don’t touch his paws and tail.

Facts About Me
  • Age 5 months
  • Nicknames Gigi, Baby boy, my precious
  • Dislikes Getting carried and touching his paws and tail
  • Foods Purina’s Kitten Chow
  • Pastimes Snacking on Squeeze Ups
Cats Like Me
Juno The Angry Cat
25% Burmese, 75% Himalayan, 100% Handsome. 
Max's full name is Maximus Decimus... More
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