Tuxedo Cat

Meet Gunny

Gunny is my lovable ball of fur that I rescued in 2015 after both my previous cats had passed. He came and sat on my lap and curled up at the shelter, so I knew he picked me. He loves to do zoomies (in fact he tripped me last April and I broke both bones in my wrist and I had to have surgery, but I still love him!! I should have had shoes on, not socks on a laminate floor. He likes to crawl under blankets or go on top of the cabinets for his catnaps.

Facts About Me
  • Age 10.5
  • Nicknames Bubba, Gunner
  • Dislikes Distraction when he is sleeping
  • Foods He is on Royal Canin Urinary SO Thats all he can have due to bladder surgery last year
  • Pastimes Sleeping, eating, watching birds & squirrels in the yard
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