Harriette Houdini


Meet Harriette Houdini

Harriette, Harry for short, is a 4 month old tabby kitten. She was born in a litter of 4. Her mother was a stray who found a loving home to care for her and her coming kittens. Today Harriette enjoys living with her brother, mother and their uncle Seamus the 90lb fluffy dog. Harriette is deciding if she wants to grow up to be just like Seamus. Harry enjoys finding ways to escape and enter spaces. Her ninja like moves and quickness make her appearance and disappearance seem like magic.

Facts About Me
  • Age 4 months
  • Nicknames Harry
  • Dislikes Vaccums, they make interesting floofs disappear and while the noise is not necessary I will learn this disappearing trick for my repertoire.
  • Foods Flakey Kitten Seafood and sneaking my dog brother\'s bacon treats when he is not looking.
  • Pastimes Perfecting ninja cat moves and napping on my humans.
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