Black Bombay

Meet Houdini

Houdini has me whipped. I think he thinks he\'s my husband & can tell me what time to go to bed. Every single night on his time schedule he starts meowing and following me all over. Didn\'t take long to figure out he wanted me to go to bed so he could climb in bed and lay on me to get his nightly massage. Only problem is I don\'t want to go to bed at his time. So I have to listened to him nagging me and following me. How could I stop his nightly massages?

Facts About Me
  • Age 15 yrs
  • Nicknames Wee Wee
  • Dislikes The Noise of Plastic Bags
  • Foods Fancy Feast Canned Wet Food
  • Pastimes Laying on me litterally waiting to be massaged & Food
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