Meet Inky

Inky is a talkative four year old black kitty. She loves to be brushed or lint rollered. She will sit down and pat your hand for treats. She is obsessive about being clean and likes her space in the house to be clean too. She is the queen of hunting lizards or toy mice. Inky is also a frequent foster mommy for kittens from the SPCA and tries to instill the virtues of mouse hunting and cleanliness in all of the kittens that come through her house.

Facts About Me
  • Age 4
  • Nicknames Inkatooze, Toozie
  • Dislikes vacuums, loud movies, the smell of coffee
  • Foods CHICKEN, cheddar cheese, chicken, did I mention chicken?
  • Pastimes hunting lizards, "helping" mom do everything, playing with toy mice
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