Domestic Short hair

Meet Jojo

Jojo is a handsome cat, he was rescued from a ver very bad place. He is now an important part of our family. He is very playful and smart. He is toilet-trained and unlike other cats, he is not nocturnal! He is in love with his teddy bear but his teddy bear is playing hard to get! I love him and i cannot imagine a life without him. and yes! he is very naughty. 

Facts About Me
  • Age 8 months
  • Nicknames Jo, pappu, babloo, jopappa, Jojeee, jojaaayy (my pet parrot calls him that)
  • Dislikes sitting on lap, my father, belly rub, nail trimming
  • Foods chicken and egg.
  • Pastimes watching birds, following me everywhere.
Cats Like Me
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