Joy and Faith

beauty grey tortie and her biological sweet tiger sister

Meet Joy and Faith

Joy is more of the protector while Faith is layed back. Their mommy was sadly found outside abandoned & pregnant. Some kind folks took the mommy in and we fell in love. They are sisters and when they were 10 weeks old they each had an identical black heart shape on their little cute furry butts. Joy has bronchial lung disease but always looks up at us and squints her little eyes saying “I’m tough mom & dad”. We are very close. To all those abandoned kitties..your home is coming {love always}

Facts About Me
  • Age 10 years young
  • Nicknames so many...but these are the most popular-Joys ah’ bee and Fay fee mah’ goo
  • Dislikes we can’t gently say the word no no, and please don’t try to put them in their little kitty crate :(
  • Foods canned chicken or beef pate canned food, tiny little crackers, freeze dried chicken pieces, anything that is kitty food that makes an opened can noise
  • Pastimes faith chasing her sister indoors as she’s rolling over the carpet, pouncing on any of their mouse toys, faith (who still) lays on mommy’s head, chest, stomach, legs and feet.
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