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Meet Juno

Juno's nickname is ADD Kitty - she is a perpetual motion machine, a one-kitten wrecking crew, the flat-out silliest cat I have ever had. She is also the absolute sweetest and she is utterly obsessed with me - which makes us even... Living with a Cat in Constant Motion, you can imagine I take advantage of ever still moment I am blessed with. She was fairly young in this picture and I seemed to remember that moment came and went quickly. Thank goodness I've taken

Facts About Me
  • Age 4
  • Nicknames ADD Kitty, Nuttburger, June-Bug
  • Dislikes Fiji Passionfruit body lotion (or any scented lotion) - she looks at me like I've offended her deeply when I used it...
  • Foods roast chicken, Whatever I'm Eating...
  • Pastimes Bouncing off the walls, sleeping in the clothes basket, & making a nuisance of herself (knocking things off my dresser, pulling tissues from the tissue box, one-by-one, slowly), until I relent & give her a treat (on the other side of the office door.)
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