Maine Coon Mix

Meet Kabby

Kabby is one of my 2 cats, who are brothers/littermates, and are made of nothing but lots of love and fur! They are Maine Coon mix-breed cats, which we adopted from the BC SPCA when they were a year old - They are 8 years old now. In this picture, Kabby is snuggling with one of my Ebi Emporim fine art velveteen pillows, as I work from my home studio and he loves to "help" me test-run my products whenever he gets the chance. Hehe.

Facts About Me
  • Age 8 years old
  • Nicknames Kabs, Kabby, Mowzer, Kabblermoanie, Kabby-zez
  • Dislikes Having his paws held, Being alone (He's super-dependent, and follows me around the house)
  • Foods Weight management dry food (we don't give them treats because his brother, Leo, is overweight), and he LOVES to sniff/hopelessly beg whenever we have canned tuna, cheese or chips open in the house
  • Pastimes Sleeping, Sitting on the balcony and watching seagulls, Snuggling with me, my husband or his cat brother, Leo.
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