Meet Kaischa

Kaischa is a 1 year old Ragdoll, and my elegant cat. I bought her after I was watch Cats 101 on Animal Planet. The breed immediately had my attention, because when I was a baby I became floppy too due my muscle disease. Even though she isn't a cat that lies on your lap nor asks for affection, I do love her alot.

Facts About Me
  • Age 1
  • Nicknames Dot, Meowth
  • Dislikes Fish, Meat, Human foods,
  • Foods She likes almost everything a cat eats, except everything a human eats like meat, fish and more. The thing she likes is chocolate and especcialy chocolate sprinkles but I always watch her she doesn't eat that
  • Pastimes She likes to sleep, and run through the house for no reason, mostly she's chasing our Polish Domestic Shorthair,
Cats Like Me
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