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Meet Kizmit

Kizmit is an adventurous and amusing six year old male bundle of energy. His favorite pastimes are to crawl into the Christmas tree for a nap and lounging in a basket full of warm clothes from the dryer. He also enjoys sitting inside baskets, bags and boxes of any size waiting for a human to pass by close enough for him to jump out at then he races away in delight. Kizmit has to be involved in everything that is going on and he insists on smelling the face of each person who enters his domain

Facts About Me
  • Age 6
  • Nicknames Biscuit, Kizzy, Scotty, Boyee, Biscotty, Booshka and "Get off the table"
  • Dislikes Being told no.
  • Foods Beef Jerky & Green Olives make him go crazy!
  • Pastimes Lying in wait to attack unsuspecting passersby.
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