Russian Blue/Siamese Mix

Meet Levi

Levi is my Russian Blue/Siamese mix. He's getting to be quite large, and he's not even a year old yet! Levi is extremely energetic, smart (true to his breed), and friendly. The day we met him, he was purring, kneading, and running in circles in his cage. That day, we knew we had to bring him home. So here's a picture of Levi, smiling, and happy to be with the family! (Taken with a Nikon D5200)

Facts About Me
  • Age 6 Months
  • Nicknames Heichou, Levi, Cat-Coon
  • Dislikes Getting his nails clipped, the squeaky squirrel toy
  • Foods Sliced chicken, cold cuts
  • Pastimes Looking at the bird cage, knocking over things on the end table, drinking out of our glasses, playing with his sister (Spooky), looking out the window
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