Meet Lilly

Lilly is a spunky little tuxedo kitty with a sweet side. We got her when she was only 1 year, and since then she gets sweeter with every year that goes by. She is very tiny, only 8 lbs! With short little legs that look as if she's floating when running, you can't hear her either! She has a tendency to bite when you do something she doesn't like (a wrong pet, being held too long, not pet enough, ignoring her) But we feel that's what makes her cute, her attitude! She also loves to follow!

Facts About Me
  • Age 10 years
  • Nicknames Lillian, Lil, Smush, Smushy, Nasty, Teeny, Muffin, Nut, Floaty, Piranha, Baby
  • Dislikes Most cat food, dry food without her favorite kind mixed in, being held for a long time, loud noises,
  • Foods Milk flavored treats, Good life recipe dry food, tuna
  • Pastimes Looking outside the window, following everyone, running, sleeping, eating her treats, looking for bugs
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