little miss foxy

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Meet little miss foxy

Little miss foxys cute things r using a crumple piece of paper 4 hockey, carrying it from place 2 place, bringing her treats 2 my room, dancing, head butting me , laying on anything I'm sewing like she's helping and loves 2 pose 4 pictures!!!. She was 8 week's old when I adapted her she was pure white,the bluest eye's I've ever seen with tons of energy, but had ear mites and lots of knots but cleaned up well. She would suckle on my neck , knead and pur, we were both in heavenly bliss !!!

Facts About Me
  • Age 5 years
  • Nicknames little foozie, whew whew, little stinker
  • Dislikes loud noises,me paying 2 much attention 2 my grand cat , THE VACUUM, thunderstorms, being approached quickly
  • Foods president choice seafood , or poultry dry food, same 4 treats and ice cubes in metal bowel, keeps it cold longer
  • Pastimes playing hockey with crumpled paper, watching tv, sleeping under bed,
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