Orange bi-colored tabby

Meet Manhattan

Manhattan is a rescue cat from NC. My husband and I fell in love with his sweet and charming personality.. he doesn't know a stranger. While he was in the shelter before we adopted him, we were told Manhattan was taken weekly to a nursing home for visits because of his calm and loving nature. We feel fortunate to have him in our little family now! Once in a while he likes to go on walks in his leash and he loves his chicken and cheese Fancy Feast food. 

Facts About Me
  • Age 10
  • Nicknames Kitten, bitsy, mew mew
  • Dislikes Water, being put in the "vet bag," fish, bugs
  • Foods Fancy Feast Cheesy Chicken. That's it.
  • Pastimes Window watching, grooming, napping, mewing, cuddling
Cats Like Me
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