Masni (English:Ribbon)

Meet Masni (English:Ribbon)

She was around 2 years old when we took her home from an animal shelter. The way she looked at us with those eyes, and her little mustache... We just knew she\'s the one. She\'s a gentle kitty, doesn\'t scratch us, never bites us. She even trusts me enough to always ask for belly rubs! A trust of a cat is so special, you have to work for it.

Facts About Me
  • Age 3-year old lady
  • Dislikes Waking up daddy in the middle of the night! He\'s really hard to wake up! :(
  • Foods I\'m a picky kitty! But chicken... I live for chicken.
  • Pastimes Sleeping, our special hide & seek game with mom, following mom everywhere, watching dad cook.
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