Maine Coon

Meet Matcha

He was rescued at eight months from an animal shelter, but his previous owner no longer could provide for him and reached out locally for potential homes or he would go back to the shelter. I took him in, I have been looking for a cat, and have been loving him ever since! He\'s a sweet boy, for a two year old he acts like two months, but we love him.

Facts About Me
  • Age 2 years
  • Nicknames Matcha-Man(s), Bubbies, Boss
  • Dislikes Baths, brooms for some reason, sound of moving paper for some reason, people passing by outside
  • Foods Friskies party time chickwn and gravy cat treats, purina one chicken meal
  • Pastimes Kneading on pillows and blankets, drinking from the faucet, napping under the bed, sitting in his box
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