Meisha Shae'

Calico (unknown origin)

Meet Meisha Shae'

this is Meisha our rescue kitty. She has always been her own boss! Meisha is a high strung matriarch feline and has strong primal instincts. She never backs down from anything, including dogs; she chased a 40# pitty pup across our back yard- it was quite hysterical! shes loves outdoors but also wants to be inside and snuggle, on her terms! She has an unimaginable giant personality and attempts to "rule" the household! We love our "calico cougar" Meisha Shae'

Facts About Me
  • Age 13
  • Nicknames Calico cougar, sassy, grumpy cat
  • Dislikes Being made to do anything she doesn't want to do at the time!
  • Foods ANY
  • Pastimes being sassy, lazing around, ruling the roost!
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