Mia the Chairman Mau

Arabian Mau

Meet Mia the Chairman Mau

Mia was adopted by us when she was a weebie (just over a month old). She lives with her dad in Al Ain and follows him like a shadow - mostly hoping for more food.  Such a little piggy.

Facts About Me
  • Age 1 year and 8 months
  • Nicknames Moo, Mooi, Moozi
  • Dislikes vacuum cleaners, spinner toys, closed doors only if we are inside (she will yowl till we open the door), any pate-style cat food - avoids it like the plague
  • Foods Wet food (big fan of salmon), boiled chicken, vanilla ice cream on a cone
  • Pastimes rolling around in the dirt when we let her out in our courtyard, hiding in boxes, chasing bugs, batting mama and dad's feet, eating from mama's plate, and being the cutest alarm clock in the morning!
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