Meet Mijote

Hi! Mijote is an awesome cat, and although he is really old (17), he is kind and young at heart. He is really fun- and who looks this good when they\'re in their 80\'s!? He is quite old and it is his wish to win a modern cat photo contest before he leaves our world :( Please vote for my sweet kitty! I love him so much and it would mean so much to both of us if you voted for him.

Facts About Me
  • Age 17
  • Nicknames Mimi, Jubie, Tatoe, Tonk, Po, Piste, Beast, Mijou, Minou, Binou, Miji, Mishc, Texas Walker, Beastie, Kitty poo, Baby kitten, kitten, Jub, Shoomster, Chubster
  • Dislikes When you watch him pee, Doorbells, Too many people, Loud noises, When he\'s all alone, other cats
  • Foods Kibble, Gross mushy stuff, Greenie treats
  • Pastimes Sleeping, Eating, Cuddling, Sitting in boxes, Sitting on papers, Playing with strring or a cat dancer
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  • How adorable!
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