American shorthair

Meet Milo

Milo is a Talkitive kitty cat who is very small for her age but she has a big personality! She loves to chase around her favorite mouse,cuddle up next to the fireplace, roll around on the patio outside, go for walks,and bat around a tennis ball. She can get into a bit of trouble somtimes by playing to rough or begging for attention but that dosen\'t change the fact she may be the sweetest cat you ever meet.

Facts About Me
  • Age 5
  • Nicknames Mimi (pronounced my-my),kiki,little lion, kitten, babycat
  • Dislikes being held, getting her nails clipped, salmon
  • Foods Beef and chicken!
  • Pastimes sleeping next to the fire, watching birds outside, going on walks, and playing with her favorite toy mouse
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  • How adorable!
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