Mixed Breed

Meet Miso

This is Miso. If you asked her mom, she would tell you she’s the sweetest kitty ever, but if you asked anyone else they’d say she has quite the … personality. She isn’t the snuggliest of cats, however every morning she becomes a purring cuddle machine. If she decides she wants some snuggles during the day you better be ready to drop everything, otherwise you’ll trigger “grumpy kitty mode.”

Facts About Me
  • Age 2 Years
  • Nicknames Baby (which she often responds to more funnily enough)
  • Dislikes Wearing Ties, nail cutting day and bath day, and just about everything else
  • Foods Crab (as well as just about any seafood) and Greenies dental treats
  • Pastimes Napping (especially in the sun)
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